Sunday 10 February 2008

Starts miserable, gets happier

It's been a really sad day here today without our little cat, I keep expecting to see her in one of her favorite places, which were getting increasingly ridiculous as she got older. She'd recently taken to sleeping curled up in the washbasin in the bathroom. It was horrible when she wasn't waiting for us when we got home from a distracting trip to town too. She was a big presence in this house, always under our feet and a right pain, but a lovely little cat with it. I was twenty five when we got her. I guess everybody says it about their pet, but she was full of character and after eighteen years you get to know that character with all its habits pretty well. I know she had a good long life and was well loved and that it's all part of having a pet, but it's knocked us all flat. It'll do us all good to get Monday over and done with and back into the routine of the week, it's been a long weekend already.

Enough of that misery, sorry. Here are a few shots I just found on my computer that were taken by my mate Johnny for an article I had in Ceramic Review last summer. I thought you might find them interesting, please excuse my ugly mug. I can't remember what date they were taken, it must have been just over a year ago.


Ron said...

Those are great shots Doug. Maybe I can get Sarah in the shop to take a few working shots sometime. It really makes a difference to see the potter in the process of working. I forgot to tell you I do have the Cardew book, so I'll go in and read that part on pitchers again. It's been a while. Plus, I need to practice, practice, practice!!

doug Fitch said...

Hi Ron
It brings a bit of life to the whole thing doesn't it? Also these ones can be printed out and affixed to your front door to discourage cold callers. Get Sarah to take a few shots, it'd be great to see you in action.

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Doug & family, sorry to hear about your Cat, I know how you must feel. When I was 9 I had a new Labrador Puppy called Ben, we had only had him 3 months, when he was hit by a car in a country lane , he didn't stand a chance. He was thrown up into the hedge, and the car didn't stop. My brother and I were just left standing there on our own. I can still clearly remember the empty feeling in the house for the next Month. My Heart goes out to you all.

doug Fitch said...

Cheers Paul. We're getting our heads round it now, it was a horrible shock having to deal with it all on Friday. Have a good Monday, look forward to seeing what you're up to

Hannah said...

Oh your poor wee mog. Horrible horrible end. I really miss having a cat around. We don't have one here, we moved in about 6 months ago and I added my budgie Jo to the relationship. We have slightly wild dogs next door too and I'm not sure how well they would deal with a moggie. I hope you're going to get another. Best wishes,