Thursday 4 February 2016

A caravan and a kitchen

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, I was surprised that anybody is still out there reading this blog, I'd neglected it so badly.

This is our temporary workshop, an old, rather dilapidated caravan in the garden of our house. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, there's no snow at the moment thankfully. We're using this as a place to work while we await baby's arrival, so that we don't have to drive to our usual workshop, fifteen miles away. That said, we have to go there tomorrow to glaze a batch of pots and pack the electric kiln .

I've been making piggy banks for The New Craftsman Gallery in Mayfair. I don't enjoy making them really, but they sell very well and just at the moment we need to think about feeding an extra little mouth, so if they sell, I'll keep making them. I can't wait to get on to making some proper pots again.

Hannah has managed to keep making a little bit, but the baby is due in six days and now she's beginning to feel very tired. She has a big order that is to be sent to Japan in May, so she's trying to get as much of it done as possible before baby comes.

I have been rather distracted from potting by trying to get the house sorted out. This is a picture of the kitchen just before we bought the house. I've been rebuilding it over the past few days.

There's still a fair bit to do, I've been burning the midnight oil trying to get it done.

I'm revamping all the old cabinets and making new doors. The worktop is slate. A lick of paint to all the wooden paneling has made a huge difference and most importantly of all, shows the pots off a treat!

So, in the forthcoming days, week or two weeks, we two will become three. It's surreal and exciting. I can't wait to meet our new little son or daughter. I wonder who it is, what it looks like? I'll keep you posted