Wednesday 18 June 2014

Is there anybody there?

I don't know whether anybody still follows my blog, it's been such a long time since I wrote it.

These are some really exciting times, traveling backwards and forwards between Devon and Scotland with my wife to be, Hannah. We spend our lives working the long hours that it takes to scrape a living as a potter, but we love every minute of it. We're making plans for our future together, which is going to be amazing.

Tomorrow morning we'll load the van and head off on the long journey to Nottinghamshire and the Earth & Fire show at Rufford. During the last few days we've fired the wood kiln twice, the firing that we unpacked yesterday, being the best ever. It's a lovely problem to have, that we both had too many good pots to take with us. Here are a couple of little films of the kiln being unpacked. If you can get to Rufford, pop by and say hello.