Monday 25 February 2008

Centred Ceramics

Hello all, hope Monday wasn't too traumatic.

All's set for firing tomorrow. I collected a load of hardwood off-cuts from the kitchen makers in Tiverton which is perfect for the job, kiln dried, short lengths that produce a short, hot flame, ideal for the earlier stages of the firing when I don't want a long flame getting up into the chamber and cracking the pots. All the wood I use for fuel is salvage timber, old pallets are really useful.
The gas burner's been in the firebox since first thing this morning, I'm going to go up to the workshop in a minute to turn it up. The kiln should be at about 200c in the morning when I start stoking with wood.

When I was looking at pots on ebay last night, I found a link to this great site, Centred Ceramics . There are some fantastic pots on there for sale including work by my mate Tim Hurn (that's his bottle) and some lovely fat jugs like the one in the picture, made by Paul Dennis. Check it out, There are also some interesting interviews between the makers and Sean Cannon, the site owner, who clearly has a great passion for this type of pottery.
Well, must go and turn that burner up, then an early night, I'm pooped.

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