Sunday 24 February 2008

It's Sunday again!

If you look really carefully I think you might see Ron in the distance


Ron said...

Yep, my family lived right over that hill there when I was a boy. Those Ingalls' girls were always chasing after me. They were ruthless, always trying to corner me in the barn or behind the corncrib. Laura was always trying to get me to smoke rabbit tobacco cigarettes. She was wild, nothing like they showed her on that show. Then she grew up and moved off with some city slicker.

Anonymous said...

It's true,I ran off with a city slicker. I had to get away from those crazy country boys and their peculiar ways. There was one guy in particular, they used to call him Wrong Philbeck, he was the worst, always locking me in the barn, he wouldn't let me out until I gave him all my cigarettes. Turns out that when I left he went crazy and spent his remaining days, just playing around with mud. A sweet girl called Sarah took pity on him and gave him round the clock care to keep him out of trouble. The old folks on the Prairie say, truth is, she's trapped by him because she has no cigarettes to buy her freedom, the poor unfortunate girl.

Ron said...

Sweet Laura, I'll never forget you and all the good times we had.