Friday 1 May 2015

It's Wedding time

Well it's nearly upon us! It seemed like our wedding day wasn't for ages and before we knew it, it's suddenly a day away
We've been working so hard, trying to get everything finished so that we can take a few days off. On top of an already heavy workload, we decided we would make all the champagne flutes.

We've decorated them simply, using our potter's stamps side by side on the front and a heart on the back. These are the stamps. The flutes will be a little keepsake for folks to take home if they'd like to.

The day before yesterday our first guests arrived all the way from America. Hollis and Kimberly who we met when we travelled to Cape Cod a few years ago to do a workshop demo. It was lovely to see them. We are so touched that folks would travel so far to share our special day.

Yesterday we finally finished making, although today we still had to go to work to tidy up and to get the last of the champagne flutes glazed and in the kiln. They'll be out of the kiln, hot on Saturday morning! This picture shows Hannah decorating the last pot I made as an unmarried man, it's also the last pot Hannah decorated as an unmarried woman. We'll keep that one.

This is the jug from my last post, all finished, with a little sidekick that I've made for Hannah.

We stood in the garden tonight and watched the sunset.

it was spectacular.

Away on the distant Galloway hills there is still snow. This place is beautiful.

This is my Best Man Andrew, better known to many as Frank. He arrived this afternoon with his family. It's lovely to see them here, if not a little surreal.

Tomorrow my Mum and brother and neice arrive and my boys with their girlfriends and lots of other friends and family. Sadly my dear Dad is too poorly to make the journey, so my sister has stayed home to see that he has everything that he needs. He'll be very much missed, but will be in my thoughts.

We have a rehearsal at 4pm in the church tomorrow evening, then a meal in the local pub, before Hannah and I say goodnight and she heads home with her Mum and Dad. The next time I will see her will be as she walks down the aisle, to become my wife. She will be beautiful, she is beautiful, I love her so much, my life is amazing with this woman in it, I'm the luckiest man in the world.