Monday 4 February 2008

Look out Ron and Tom

Well it seems that the thing to do on Blogger is show pictures of your pizza. This is a lesson I've learned from Ron and Tom, so as Hil's been getting in to bread baking and made pizza tonight, I thought I should join in!

Here's a picture of some teapots that I've been avoiding making. I tend put off making things that I don't usually make - jugs(pitchers) are easy because I know the form inside out, but I rarely make teapots. As it transpired, I was really pleased with how they worked so I'll make some more tomorrow. Maybe a little bit of work required on the spouts, just to thin them out a bit, but it's hard to throw this coarse clay really fine because of the sharp lumps of grit.

The final shot is of my workshop in the sunshine this afternoon. It's all a bit of a mess at the moment but I plan to sort it out in the next month or two with a paint job and some flowerbeds.


Hannah said...

Very nice looking teapots, how big are they? I know what you mean about putting off none familiar pots. I do that with teapots for years!

doug Fitch said...

The bodies ar 5lb so they're smaller than a football - melon sized I guess, depending on the variety of melon of course. I made them, blasted them with gas and assembled them as I went along because I needed to know if all the bits were going to look right together. Tomorrow I'll be working from a much more informed perspective so I'll have no excuses!

Ron said...

Hey that's a nice looking pie. Those teapots aren't bad either! I got a good laugh out of the pizza comment. Later,Ron