Friday 8 February 2008

Reg Lloyd

Here's a more cheerful post. Reg Lloyd's remarkable collection of slipware has just been bought with Lottery money for the Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford. It's a huge collection with some very important and rare examples of North Devon slipware of the type that has been a huge influence on my work. You can read all about it here on the BBC site. I met Reg Lloyd a few years ago when I wasn't making pots and he invited me to see the pots and foolishly, much to my regret, I didn't take up the invitation. The collection was sold a few years ago to a chap I know who borrowed the money to buy it in order to avoid the collection from being split up and they were subsequently put into storage. The pots have now been purchased for £300 000. I'm pleased that I'll get the chance to see them now at a time when it's more important to me than ever. Reg Lloyd is a very well renowned painter and illustrated a number of Ted Hughes' books. It's with Reg that I'm exhibiting at the Harlequin Gallery in April.


potterboy said...

I saw this story too, and somehow I knew you'd know him. Oh well, another excuse to visit Bideford (not that i need one - always liked the place.)

Do you still have that info on the gas burners? I'm off to potclays tomorrow and hoping they'll sell me one - although they don't list them in their catalogue so probably not. My little kiln keeps cutting out so I need alternatives to electricity.

Sorry to hear about the kitty cat too - i spent my early life living next to the A43 in Brackley - terrible road at the time and we lost many cats.

Ron said...

Hey Doug, Good article. It would be nice to see that collection. Just wondering if you have any of Capt. Crapper's pots in your pottery collection??

doug Fitch said...

Chaps, sadly no Crappers, more's the pity. I'm cross with myself Andrew because I saw the paperwork yesterday in the workshop and meant to bring it home and forgot it. I was talking to Nic about you and your burner thing on the phone last night and he was suggesting that an oil burner may be better. He has just imported some from Japan(that wasn't why he was suggesting it) but they're about £500 which is way too much I would imagine. I can only think that they're for huge kilns at that price. Have you noticed that Paul Jessop is blogging now? I was going to get my boy Joe to put on a link to him tonight but with all the stuff with Butch going on he wasn't in a fit state - wish I could do this HTML stuff myself. It would probably be worth giving Paul a shout. I wish I knew more about gas kilns. Here's Paul's link
I got given a load of stoneware clay when I got that kiln the other day and was wondering whether you may find it useful Andrew? There's quite a bit of it, I may make a few saggars but there's loads if you'd like it. I think it's something like Scarva Earthstone if that means anything to you. Perhaps combine collecting it with a trip to Bideford and you can collect your Christmas card too! Ron, you'll just have to come over here and see those pots. Actually, I was talking to John Edgeler about it earlier in the week and I think he said they're not going to be on display for a year or so. He's writing a book about the Fishleys of Fremington so I think he may be getting a sneaky peep. All asleep here now

Margaret Brampton said...

Sorry to hear about the cat. We've only got chickens and it was so upsetting when the fox got my pet one!! We just keep them for laying now!
It will be brilliant to see those slipware pots. Pity we have to waitso long.