Friday 8 February 2008

My mate Cookie

A day at home today to sort the place out a bit. The trouble with both of us working and having two messy boys, all squashed up in a tiny cottage, is that the place becomes a chaos really quickly. We have only evenings when we're both dead beat, or the weekends when we don't want to do it, to sort the place out, so I'm off today to make our world a lovelier place ready for a weekend of not having to worry about washing and cleaning. I get time to do a bit of this too!

My mate Cookie just called round for a quick cuppa and to arrange band practice for tonight. I asked him to email me a shot of some of his carving so I could put it on here. I think he's a clever man, he makes some amazing and crazy stuff out of rough-cut chunks and slabs of wood, which he'll then build into huge thrones and the like. I admire his use and understanding of the properties of his natural raw material, the grain and colours etc. This panel stands about five feet high.

Right, back to the dusting.

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