Wednesday 27 February 2008

Slipping a big 'un

The other day I was going on about dangling 14lb jugs above a bucket whilst pouring on slip. Ron suggested I should put a clip on Youtube to explain the process better, but my camera's rubbish so I can't, but here are a few stills that Mark took last night.

1. Dangling the pot
2. Pouring over the slip
3. Swinging the pot back upright
4. Catching inside the rim
5. Placing the slipped pot onto a board


potterboy said...

If you could do that on a tight-rope it would be even more impressive - but pretty good all the same. You don't have buckets deep enough to dip, or do you just like the uneven bottoms (my guess is the latter - I'd agree if i could ever get them neat.)

doug Fitch said...

You guessed it, I do like uneven bottoms - reminds me of the Python sketch, Arthur Frampton, the man with three buttocks(this blog's going from bad to worse!)

I don't worry too much about being neat - I used to, but I'm just never going to manage to be neat, so I gave up trying and accepted that I'm just plain messy - that's the fun of it! When it's poured on you get different thicknesses where it overlaps(there's one of Ron's latest where it's happened and it looks a treat) and where the pouring washes away the previous coat it leaves quite interesting marks. I'm looking forward to your next firing, exciting times at your end.

Ron said...

Sweet! Very exciting. I too thought of a tight rope walker, it must be that position you're in, in the 4th photo. I can't wait till we are all able to do video, we'll be a dangerous crowd.

doug Fitch said...

Well I must buy a sequined leotard and cape first.

I almost lost it in the fourth photo, hence the smile.

Paul Jessop said...

No Capes !

Matt Grimmitt said...

You can borrow my leotard if you like, no sequines i'm afraid but i'm pretty good with a needle and thread! I know someone who might be able to lend you a leather one too! :)