Tuesday, 30 September 2008


That was a scary, tiring but ultimately fun day, that ran on into the evening. Here are Alex on the right and Steve adjusting the light. The workshop was full of tripods and fancy lights, I've never seen it so well illuminated - I didn't know for instance that I've got mouldy bits on my ceiling, I do now.

So I decorated these huge ones, which is a challenge enough when I'm alone, but even more so in front of the lens. You only get one shot at it, working this way with wet slip. They'll look ok when they're fired I think, at the moment they look a bit odd.

And I made some more of these and put this handle on. Lots more to do tomorrow.

Steve and Alex made me feel really at ease, the nerves settled down after a while and I stopped trying to do everything at double speed. I didn't have to speak either and that was a big relief. I'll sleep much better tonight. Tired out, time for a hot tub then bed, goodnight all.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

yes goodnight, and WOW, love the pots here! Esp. the little pilgrim bottle hanging behind the other huge ones!

ang design said...

how excitement! will we get to see the finished filuming?

Becky said...

I sure do understand your qualms about being in front of a camera...but I'll bet this filming will be great! Hope we get a chance to see it!

Paul Jessop said...

I never did get around to sending you a flat cap and a pipe in the post that would have been perfect Doug, or is it Issac now ?

Ron said...

Very exciting.

doug Fitch said...

Hello all. Ha ha, cheers Paul :)
Well I hope you do get to see it, it sounds like it'll be quite arty and interesting when it's finished, Alex and Steve have some interesting plans as to how they're going to cut it. They've still to come back again a couple of times to do more filming - including some Love Daddies I think Becky. The little bottle's sweet isn't it Gary? It was made by a friend of mine, Claerwen Gillespe. She's really good, a very talented lady - busy with a baby at the moment though.