Saturday, 6 September 2008

Back in the workshop

Hannah's been with me in the workshop today and we've had a fun time making a load of mugs. I forgot to take any pictures, I'll make sure I take some in the next few days. I wish we'd got longer to see them all through the process, but Hannah has to go back to Scotland on Monday.

Nigel Lambert and Janet Creed called by today - it was lovely to welcome them to my chaotic workshop. Nigel has pots in the Bideford kiln so will be there for the opening on Sunday.

It's good to be making again, it's been a long time - a month at least since I had a good run of potting. I'll feel a lot happier this time next week when the shelves are replenished with wet pots and the skills have returned to my rusty fingertips.

Love Daddy rock again tomorrow night.

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Ron said...

Whew, those cups are getting lots of attention. :-)