Monday, 8 September 2008

Cheers Hannah

Hannah went back home to Scotland this morning. It's been great having her down. We worked and talked pottery late into the night last night, finishing some mugs we made earlier in the week.

Hannah decorated some of mine and I decorated some of hers. It seemed really odd to both of us to see each other's decorative styles on one another's work. She's such an amazing decorator, if Mary Wondrausch is the Queen of Slipware, Hannah is the princess. Cheers Hannah, come again soon.


Ron said...

That looks like fun. I esp. like that tapered mug in the back right with the combing and dots. Elegant. Maybe you could save that one for me. :-)
The Bideford firing looks like it was a success. Maybe we can have a chat this week. Keep an eye out for me on skype if you're on.

doug Fitch said...

Ah, that'll be the one made by Hannah and decorated by Hannah! Will skype you soon, lots to chat about.

Ron said...

Well then Hannah prob. has first dibs on that one!!!

Hey, would it be okay if I still send you a jug for a firing sometime in the future??

Unknown said...

Hi Doug
You Potters always have a fab time!...although I must admit I just had a good time with lots of glass people up at North Lands nr Wick but really quite rare!. Many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog...
Maybe get to meet you all one day once Hannah gets her new baby up and running...Ta Amanda x