Friday, 5 September 2008

Firing in the rain

Blimey it rained and the kiln site turned to mud, but it seemed to go pretty well. Philip and Hannah started the firing at about 6am and between us we stoked throughout the day until the cones finally went over at about 4.30 pm.

We'll open the kiln at 2.30 on Sunday afternoon, so fingers crossed until then

Here's one of the three fireboxes in full flame. I was impressed with the ease with which the kiln fired without a lot of the smoke and reduction that my kiln produces - food for thought, maybe a bottle kiln of my own might be a good project for the future.


Ron said...

Yea, pictures! What a good looking crew, hard workers. Hannah is looking shy and modest over there. Really looking forward to seeing the pots!

Becky said...

I would so love to experience something like this! But until I can, your accounts of it fill the void. Watching...waiting..for morte.

Becky said...


Russel Fouts said...


Is that a door made out of fiber in the middle picture? It doesn't look like it entirely closes the opening. Is that intentional?

I worked with Doug Browe and Jan Hooyman, who are now making earthenware in Ukiah, California when I got out of school in Michigan. We started building a bottle kiln that was going to have 3 fireboxes, each canted to the side so that the airflow would make a swirl of flame through the kiln. I don't think it was ever finished though. I took off for Europe before it had got further than the knee high foundation.

Can't wait to see the pots.



Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

I think it will be interesting to see how even it is.

doug Fitch said...

Hey Russel, good to hear from you.

The entire chamber's made of fibre and hung within the brickwork shell. The door does clamp up tight, but there's a cavity between the fibre and the bricks. I'm going to check out those guys you mentioned.

Got to get that mug to you Beck, I'm useless

Hannah said...

Just seen your comment Ron, I am nothing but shy and modest!

Russel Fouts said...

I'm not sure how the blogs work and whether you'll even get back to see this but here is the link to Doug and Jan's place It hasn't been updated in a while but they still make nice stuff, including some nice "High, wood-fired earthenware". I don't know what kind of kiln they have now. I really should go see them but Ukiah is so far from anywhere I've been in the states, it's not easy to get there.


doug Fitch said...

Hi Russel, thank you very much for the link, I checked them out when you mentioned them before - nice work - interesting to see Svend on there too. How's Ruth getting on?