Thursday 18 September 2008

Big 'uns

Two harvest jugs, one of them for a commission. These are about 18" tall so are some of the biggest pots I make. It's been pleasant getting back to making tall stuff after all that flatware of late.

The dinner service is all thrown, there's going to be a lot of finishing to do tomorrow, turning the backs of plates and applying the footrings - stuff all seems to dry out so suddenly when the sun shines.

Not that I'm complaining, the weather's been lovely today - sunshine's been in such short supply this year. It was that melancholic kind of sunshine this evening on the walk home.

The plants in the hedgerows made me think of some beautiful glass that I saw just here.


Dan Finnegan said...

Those are some lovely, robust pots...I like the texture of the clay. Are they made in pieces?

doug Fitch said...

Hi Dan
Yes, I throw the body, blast it with a gas burner, then add the neck, and complete the throwing. I find I can get a much better shape that way

Ron said...

Fine jugs there Mr. Doug. Good to see those great pots. You're the man.

Brad Lail said...

man those are some sweet big harvest jugs. looks great. Keep it up

Clay Perry said...

really good work!