Wednesday 1 October 2008

Hollyford hillside

We went filming in the countryside today, digging clay from the woods and focusing on the lines in the fields that get me all excited.

The sun shone between the odd shower, but as you'll hear it was mighty windy - not cold, but exhilarating. I'm guessing that Steve and Alex' camera work is going to be better than mine - you can see them standing at the tripod.

The earth in some of the fields round here is really red - all that clay and iron, really stunning, I love it here. You can see my workshop in the valley. It's the tiny white shed on the end of all the buildings.

The film's going to be really good I think, in spite of the dodgy potter. Steve and Alex have got some very interesting ideas of how to approach it in the edit.

So that's filming over until next month and Steve and Alex set off back to Manchester this evening. It turned out to be great fun after all that worrying.

Tomorrow I'm helping my sculptor friend Chris Rees hang his exhibition, so a day off from the workshop. His show opens on Friday in Crediton, so if you're in the vicinity, try and get along. Follow the link for details.

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ang design said...

windy man, our place was like that yesterday but we had dust storms toboot...