Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Made some pots!!!

I've put this first picture on here of my landlord Matt and his new pup Digger
for Beck as I know she loves little baby animals, what a sweet little hound.

Wet pots on the shelf at last - tankards - not that I really need tankards, but it took the pressure off a bit making something I don't need - does that make sense? Anyway I got a dozen bowls made too. I'm struggling a bit with my head at the moment, but this is a good start to getting back on track.

The rest of the day's been spent getting the place sorted out for production again. Bideford was great fun, but it's set me back rather as it was a week without making any pots and now I have to get back to the serious business of trying to pay the bills. I've an exhibition in October to make for and a whole load of commissions. The next few weeks are going to be busy busy busy.

Hannah gave me this beautiful little jug from the Bideford firing.

And here's a bowl of mine from the kiln. There are a lot more pictures from the event over at Blogger Paul's.

More wet pots tomorrow - hoorah.


Paul Jessop said...

There both stunners and the puppies are not bad either.
Puppies we want more Puppies !!!

Hannah said...

that's far better than the 9 mugs and 3 money boxes we managed between us on friday!

ang design said...

and about time too, get some mud on those hands of yours doug!! happy potty week..

Becky said...

Wonderful wet pots! Hannah's gift is lovely too. And thank you especially for the puppy pic. You know me too well (for not knowing me much at all)
Glad all is going well for you!