Saturday, 13 September 2008


I've been enjoying walking home from the workshop again of late.

The weather was beautiful on Thursday evening, such a change from the deluge we've experienced throughout most of the summer. Hil and the boys have survived their return to school and I've managed to slip back into a sensible work routine at last. Well fairly sensible, long hours, but fulfilling and enjoyable. My head's in a much better place now.

The season's moving along now, autumn's in the air and the hedgerows are heavy with fruits and berries. I enjoy autumn with its rich earthenware tones.

Devon's a beutiful place to live, I'm such a lucky man.

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potterboy said...

I'm sitting here looking at the full moon, thinking of those tall ships and wishing I was somewhere else. You are a very lucky man Mr Fitch.

Been to Winchcombe - turned up last night as all of Johns openings are Friday evenings. What a twit! Stayed at the White Hart Inn - v good sausages - 'Twas a good show.

Ho hum...