Friday, 19 September 2008

Ceramics in the City

If you're in London over the next three days, try and get along to Ceramics in the City, where you'll get to see our very own Hannah.

Exhibitors are as follows:

Katie Adams, Leyla Folwell, Ramp, Adrienne Baba, Lisa Hammond, Penny Fowler
Lesley Risby, Svend Bayer, Margaret Gardiner, Ingrid Saag, Julian Belmonte
Georgia Shearman, Linda Bloomfield, Akiko Hirai, Laurance Simon, Karen Bunting
Imahiko Kawamura, Penny Simpson, John Butler, Hilary Laforce, Jenny Southam
Amy Cooper, Sophie MacCarthy, Pat Southwood, Prue Cooper, Hannah McAndrew
Yo Thom, Jane Cox, Agalis Manessi, Mark Titchiner, Ben Davies
Marcio Mattos, Motoko Wakana, Laura de Benedetti Bud, Emily Myers
Alistair Young, Annabel Faraday, Susan Nemeth, Stanley Field, Sue Paraskeva

1 comment:

Brad Lail said...

I want to hear some about blunging up the field clay. You should post a picture of yourself napping after that