Monday, 1 September 2008

Issac Button

Thank you Ron for posting this on your blog. This is a remarkable documentary, I was hoping one day that it would appear on YouTube.

Issac Button was the last country potter working at the Soil Hill Pottery in Halifax. I think that in its heyday the Soil Hill pottery employed fifteen potters.

The film was made in 1965 by the late Robert Fournier who died back in January and John Anderson.

It was Fournier's intention to return the following year to record the soundtrack, but sadly Issac Button passed away. It's a wonderful piece of historical footage, the skills of these potters was extraordinary.

The full film is amazing, showing everything from digging the clay to firing and unpacking the kiln.


Paul Jessop said...

A true master piece of a film, when are you going to start wearing a flat cap and smoking a pipe, I think it would really suit you. as you are now the modern Issac Button for sure

Anonymous said...


Great to see the footage. John Anderson lived in Long Melford [where your current show is]. I borrowed a number of videos some years ago, and I am almost sure the Button video had a commentary.
Over that way at the end of the week will see.
Jon, Jo et al

Tracey Broome said...

This is a great video, but a much better one was the post before of your son! I know exactly what you were feeling watching him as I have a 15 year old daughter doing the same thing. Did you have a smile that you could not get off of your face no matter what!? He is very good. I know that proud feeling well, I have such a cool kid, looks like you do too.

doug Fitch said...

Old Issac had more skill in his little finger than I have in my hands! hey J&J, that'd be interesting. Hannah thinks she may have seen it with a dialogue. Trace, it was a proud moment, I had tears rolling down my cheeks, partly relief, but mainly pride! I've seen a picture on your blog of your daughter giving it some rocking good attitude.