Sunday, 30 November 2008

It's Sale time on Saturday

It's time for a bit of an end of year sale I think.

I've got lots and lots of big jugs, jars and the odd teapot or two - all sorts of stuff, old stock and seconds and pots that I'm bored of, all that are looking for new homes.

In fact they want new homes so badly that they're being put out at bargain prices next Saturday, the 6th December, 12 noon until 4pm.

I've still some good pots from the most recent firing and they'll be available too.

Last year I had a great sale from my garage, but this year I think I may try and hold it at Hollyford.

If you'd like to come, would you be kind enough to drop me an email to, with the words 'Pottery Sale' in the subject box, or call me on (01363) 860299 or (01363)860183.

That way I can make an assessment as to whether parking may be a problem, in which case I'll move it back to the garage again.

Have a good Monday everybody


Paul Jessop said...

Hi Doug, we can't make it on Sat co's we are at the smithfield show at the bath and west showground.

I thought the Garage is the best place for it as the villagers don't have to make a special journey to see you.
just a thought. the easier you make it for them the better.

Ron said...

Hey I'm just posting to see my new profile pic. (How vain is that????)

I agree with Paul about the garage, but it would be nice for them to see the workshop. However it would be nicer to sell lots of pots.

Hope to Skype ya later.

Paul Jessop said...

VERY !!!!!!

Brad Lail said...

I really like the jug shapes you have there. Those would be handled bottles to you I suppose.