Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Long Room Gallery

This is an excellent book that I've been meaning to write about on here for a while. It's a beautiful study of the work of the Fishley family of Fremington, North Devon I've taken a number of unsuccessful photographs of it in the past in a vain attempt to put it on my blog. It's now not a problem, because I've just lifted this image from John Edgeler's new website. It features a lot of beautiful pots, (some from my own collection) and well researced text. It even has an interview with me and a couple of pictures of my pots, how exciting is that? John's written a number of superb books, check them out on his site.

Here's some information about an exciting event happening in the spring

And this is a show in which I have some pots, that opens on 29th November and runs until 15th December, in the Long Room Gallery in Winchcombe. I'll have some work from my latest firing in this exhibition, which promises to be a dazzling array of sparkling earthenware made by a number of potters, including Philip Leach and my good buddy, Paul Young

Just think of all those lovely pots you know you need for Christmas!

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