Monday, 10 November 2008

Two days to go

I Bricked up the door of the empty kiln today and lit a fire in it to drive off the moisture that it will have taken on board during the last few months of wonderful British weather. It was great to see smoke coming out of the chimney again - two days and it'll be for real.

Today I collected hardwood from my supplier for the start of the firing, then got on with the glazing. The two amazing harvest jugs in the centre of the table are the ones my mate Simon delivered at the weekend - he's a clever potter that man.

Blogger Matt will be here tomorrow to help with the firing, it'll be cool to catch up with him.

Hil's away all week on residential with school(she's a primary school teacher), so it's been my responsibility to help the boys with their maths homework - oh dear.


Ron said...

Man, I hope my jug arrives at the shop tomorrow. Oh well if not then no worries. Good chatting today. Hope all goes well while Hil's away. Hi to Matt. You two have fun. I'm going to try and contact PY about those kiln photos.

ang design said...

oh no, not maths, maybe you could do some 'creative bookwork'...looking forward to the firing, have a good one..

jbf said...

Can't wait for the firing. Hope there's lots of pics.