Saturday, 29 November 2008

What a wonderful dream

'It’s never been an easy life as a potter but it’s one that I choose. Sometimes I see my work being described as: Rustic, Naïve, Careless or Roughly thrown. Well, I guess if I were looking at them from the outside, then I too might think the same. To me my work has developed over the years in an unconscious manner. By that I mean, that my work is where it’s at by gradual change, influenced by what the kiln offers.' Nic Collins

And to see what the kiln offers, don't forget to check in to Nic's on line exhibition that opens on Friday night at 6pm. I'll post a reminder of course, but to see his latest posting and to read more of his monologue, follow this

PS Nic, you're welcome and my thanks to you for your support in the last five years.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Pure genius this film, Nic is the man!

Deb said...

Nice video. I wish I could remember the place I watched a video of a kiln being built in a similar manner. The whole think was like stop motion. Very cool.