Sunday, 16 November 2008

Blurred snap shots

Well here are some blurred pictures I snapped yesterday after the kiln was unpacked - zero points for photographic skills.

Here's Tim and Sue's Croyden graveyard clay. Unfortunately I didn't fix the handle very well at the top, so it's split away - poor skills, my apologies T&S, if you can get a little more, I'll make another.

Blurred pots on the bench

More blurred pots on the bench.

The 'bibbed' jug. Well it's interesting as a test piece, to see what happens when Hollyford clay is left bare and fired in the hotspot. I'll be developing that in my next batch of pots. I like the contrast. The clay darkens and flashes and looks a bit like the body used for some of the old French provincial pottery. It also reminds me of a fine baluster jug I saw in the Museum in Manchester. I like the texture too - it's one to think about, even though this little pot isn't maybe all that spectacular. The dusting of copper carbonate has given it a good green speckle, reminiscent of the dusted glazes on medieval pitchers and Tudor greenware - food for thought.

Here's a nice little jug made by Blogger Matt. Matt's pots get better and better each time I see them.

A very medieval looking pitcher with applied bands. Another experimental piece.

This little mug was made by Hannah and decorated by me. There's one further down the page that's made by me and decorated by H.

A Paul Reid teabowl, made in Manchester from Hollyford clay

Alex's little cup - very nice

A jug

and another...............

and another bloomin' jug

Blurred pots on the bench

Jeff, the proud owner of a Simon Hancox harvest jug. Incredible decoration on Simon's pots.

Made by me, decorated by Hannah, snapped up by Jeff

Pots sitting in the kiln

Fancy that, another jug...........

and another

A big tankard (Blogger Andrew called by yesterday and bought this - good to see him looking fit and well)

This is a big pot. I'm really happy with this one, the photograph doesn't really show it very well, there's a lot more going on with it than you can see here. It's very earthy looking. I decorated this one during fiming last month.

A large mug.

Well these were just pics that I snapped yesterday. Some of the best pots are going to my friend Johnny's studio to be professionally photographed. I'll be posting them when I get the pictures back.

A good tidy up, then on to the next kiln load this week - lots of ideas to develop. Some of the pots work, some don't, but it's a developmental process and I'm exploring a few new avenues. I used to really struggle after a firing to get back into the swing - this time I feel really on top of things and can't wait to get stuck in to it again. Woooohooooooooooooo!


Russel Fouts said...


Looks like a great firing!! Hope the one this week is even better.


ang design said...

brilliant so many that i love, there's a big green jug back of the 1st photo i saw yesterday that just sings...

ooh and in these shots lots of ideas to bounce from that's what i like to see from a firing not a end but a beginning, nicely done doug..

jbf said...

Looks like a wonderful firing! I hope you're thrilled with the results.

That's a lot of pots. What size is your kiln?

Jerry said...

Looks like a great firing. The one you mentioned was decorated during filming is quite nice.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

You said it, wooooohooooo!

doug Fitch said...

Cheers my dears. It is a big kiln, it's about 64 cubic feet, so it gobbles the pots up. I like that expression Ang - not an end but a beginning - absolutely, that's how I feel about it. Can't wait to get on to the next lot. Bogged down with paperwork today - boooooooooo

Paul Jessop said...

Doug, these pots are just too damm good, I think you should retire now and let some of us other novices have a go..... I'm firing my glaze kiln on Tuesday, so Pics on Thursday.