Thursday, 6 November 2008

Six days to go

Twelve hour days this week, so I'm feeling pretty tired. I seem to be getting quite a few extra pots through for the firing, so it's worthwhile.

Marky Mark's been up to the workshop for the past two evenings to make stuff and to finish off pots for the firing. We hope to get the back of the kiln packed on Saturday. I'll finish the rest off on Monday and on Tuesday when Matt's here.

This is little tiny harvest jug is a commission and will have sgraffito decoration similar to this one

This pot's about simplicity and clay. It's going to be mainly unglazed on the outside, just a bib to cover the slip with its simple stick decoration. I want the flame to toast the bare clay. This particular clay has a fine sand, but none of the coarse grit I have been using - it's a different surface so that makes for a different type of pot.

Green slip with black slip strips and a thumping great handle.

Some finger-wiped bowls - ages since I've done any finger-wiping, lovely to feel the sensation of motion through the cold, wet slip - a potter's privilege.

This remarkable pot has been made by my old college buddy Simon - he sent me this picture this evening. He's bringing this one and some others on Saturday to put in this firing. I'm looking forward to seeing him. These are made from wonderful Fremington clay. The pit is closed now so it's no longer available - a great shame and the end of a very old tradition. I used it for years, creamy, plastic, silk. Note its chocolate colour before it's fired - I miss it.

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jbf said...

Very inspiring work. I am especially struck by simplicity of the pitcher with the "bib" on it and am intrigued by the handled bowls.