Monday 23 June 2008

Vote for the Leach Pottery Restoration Project

Vote for the Leach Pottery Restoration Project

The Leach Pottery Restoration Project has been nominated for a National Lottery Award and is competing against nine other projects for the title of Best Heritage Project. This means they could be in with a chance of winning £2,000.

They'd like every potter to vote for them. You can vote by visiting and go to Best Heritage Project Category.

Alternatively you can vote by phone on 0845 3864439.

The deadline is 4th July.


Paul Jessop said...

Ok, I've done my bit.

The place looks so clean !!

doug Fitch said...

It's certainly a lot cleaner than last time I was there when it was pretty run down and Trevor Corser was still working there. I hope it's a success. Maybe we should have a bit of a bloggers weekend in St Ives some time, it'd be a bit of a pilgrimage. Need to make some money first.