Monday 16 June 2008

Sorry Clive

I feel bad tonight because I had to let Clive down at the last moment. The fuel tanker strike has hit hard here and all the petrol stations locally are closed. Hil has just enough to get her to work and back tomorrow, so I couldn't go. It'll be walking again for me in the morning.

The bisc firing looks good, although I haven't unbricked the whole door yet. The wall pocket Brad made from field clay fired up a pale buff colour, there it is beside the puzzle jug. I was chatting to the farmer who owns the woods opposite at the weekend and he said that if I show him which seam of clay I want to use, he'll dig it out for me - that's going to be incredible. This particular seam's a bit too pale, but the stuff higher up in the woods is a beautiful rich orange.

Today I mixed glaze, a job I don't enjoy much, but it wasn't too bad as the workshop's pretty organised at the moment, although a lack of running water meant I ran out and wasn't able to finish the job.

When I got to the workshop I discovered that the plate that I use on my bird table had been knocked off and broken, I think probably by a squirrel that visits occasionally. I've been meaning to make a slipware bird table for a while, so that's exactly what I did. It's based on the small, ancient, market buildings that some of the little towns have round here. It's a bit of fun, hope the finches like it. Not sure why I put a cockerel on top, weather vane I suppose.

The birds are great company and eat very well at my place. The photo shows the woodpecker who comes every day. That's the view I have of him from my wheel. I need to wash the window, but at the moment he can't see me so I'm reluctant to do so. Sadly Woody's destroyed my swallows nest in the kiln shed so there'll be no young in there this year. Nature is a toughie sometimes.

Loads of glazing tomorrow.


Tracey Broome said...

I have that same woodpecker, they are so funny hanging upside down to eat.
I have a quick question: there were some photos up on a blog over your way some time ago from an outdoor show, and there were a lot of great booths set up. I can't find it anywhere and I wanted to re visit it. Any ideas of whose blog that was?
By the way, I went way way back through yours in my search, much fun to see your entries again.

Becky said...

No gas and no water? Hope both shortages are replenished soon. The bird table is just wonderful! How great it must be to look up from the wheel and see woodpeckers and the like at your window.

klineola said...

bummer about missing the firing at clive bowen's. I hadn't heard about the strike, kind of makes you want to get a bicycle...

Ron said...

Tracey, Check out this site, it may be what you're looking for.

Click on 'festivals' or exhibitions over on the left hand side. I'm sure Doug will chime in on this.

Paul Jessop said...

What a bummer, I saw on the blog you were going to Clive's place and I thought I would love to come with you, and help out.I've got a full tank of Diesel and could have picked you up on the way. Next time i think such a thing I'll just give you a call.

Tracey Broome said...

Ron the link you gave was exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jo needs her eyes tested she looked at the pic of the woodpecker and made the immortal comment
"is that a puffin on his nuts!"

What more can you say? She is from Norfolk.


doug Fitch said...

Tee hee ;)

I couldn't be with out my peckers and puffins, it's a wonderful distraction throughout the day.

Tracey, there are some more booths somewhere here

That's a shame Paul, it would have been a good night out, I'll give you a shout next time if you fancy it?

Unknown said...

Nice to see the bird table, my wife made these, so we see where your coming from!!See
Keep smiling
Mick and Chris

doug Fitch said...

Hi Mick
Thanks for dropping in, I tried your address but couldn't get it to work