Tuesday 24 June 2008

Diggin' dirt

I had a visit from my friend Heather Cutler, a painter who lives in the village. I really like Heather's work a lot - well she puts my pots in her paintings, so I'm bound to like them.

Jessica was with me again today so the three of us went across to the woods to collect clay. We found loads of the rich orange stuff that fires up terracotta, we'll make some pots from it tomorrow.

Off to the pub with Hil and the boys for a swift pint, smashing, just the ticket!


Anonymous said...

Hey Doug: careful that you don't dig up any of my relatives!

Ron said...

This looks a bit male chauvinistic with you having the females out digging clay.

gary rith said...

Terra cotta straight out of the ground and into the studio, you're a lucky dog!

Sister Creek Potter said...

I want to come dig clay with you! I've said I don't need to make any more trips--but I am feeling a big pull to England--I have such great friends there I want to meet! Gay

doug Fitch said...

It's good to work them hard you know Ron, I'm hoping Gay will make it over and I'll have a spade at the ready(: I hope you do make it over Gay, it would be so lovely to meet you.

It's cool isn't it Gary? There's a seam of really rich ochre clay that fires up bright orange, and a paler buff colured clay that fires a pale orange. I plan to be using it by the winter but I've a lot to sort out yet before I can process it. Craig, will be seeing Svend tomorrow night. Are your roots in England? Glad to say there were a few roots in the clay, but only well rotted bits of tree.