Thursday 19 June 2008

Craig Edwards

Here's a blog full of tasty pots to check out, woodfired stoneware made by Craig Edwards.

Kipper thinks he's ace.


Ron said...

When I was at the Northern Clay Center in Minnesota in May I ran into Lee Love. He was on his way out to a firing, and I think it was there at Craig Edwards. Lee has a blog and apprenticed with Shimoka. I don't know the blog address at the moment. Anyhow, neat that you found this. Connections, connections.

I guess we were both standing in front of a glaze bucket at the same time at some point today.

ang design said...

hey boys, I came across Lee Love in my never ending quest for the kiln I next want to build, easy name to remember that one.. anywho this is the address he directed me to

Ron said...

Ang, Cool that Lee turned you on to the kiln photos. I have thought about that kiln too. I like that both fireboxes are in the front. No running around the kiln to put wood in. Micki Schloessingk from Wales had a kiln similar to that and did salt glazing in it for a long time.

What are your thoughts on that design Doug??

doug Fitch said...

I came across himon Andrew's blog a while ago - famous and he doesn't know it!

I'll have a look at that kiln later, just got in from the w/s - knackered!