Tuesday 3 June 2008

Nice one Brad

I took Brad into Exeter yesterday as he had to catch his train. His train wasn't until the afternoon, so we spent the morning rummaging through charity shops, where Brad bought loads of books which will weigh him down nicely on his journey home. We also went on a guided tour of the Cathedral. I've never done that in all the years I've lived here so it was very interesting.

It was a real pleasure having Brad to stay. He's a lovely young man and a very good potter, I'm sure we'll meet again before too long. Here's a shot of the pots he made while he was here.

Last night I went up to the workshop with Marky Mark(Happy birthday today MM old boy)and started decorating jars and bottles. I carried on with that today, as well as making some big baluster jugs.

Tomorrow I have to start getting organised ready to go to Bovey Tracey on Thursday for The Contemporary Craft Fair, which opens with a Private View on Thursday evening, then continues throughout the weekend.

I bumped into an old friend earlier in the week, Simon Ridley, a blacksmith who used to have a workshop near mine although he moved to a bigger place last year so I don't see much of him these days. He makes some beautiful work, check it out here. Clever bloke.

Sorry this is all a bit disjointed and rambling, I'm soooooooooooo tired. I've other stuff to write but it'll have to wait until tomorrow, so for now, goodnight Zzzzzzzz


Paul Jessop said...

Sherlock Holmes stories I pressume.

Brad Lail said...

The decoration looks great!! I wish I could have watched you do them. Send birthday greeting to Marky Mark. Did he get a gift as cool as the little ceramic birthday cake you made ron? that is a nice trick. I may steal that idea for some of my pottery friends on this or that side of the Atlanic since I know some on both sides now.

doug Fitch said...

Hi Brad, feel free, it's a fun thing to do. Passed your greetings on to Mark. I should have decorated when you were there but everything was too damp. I was a bit shy too, it's something I have to focus on and get into the zone, so I tend to decorate when there's nobody around. Next time we'll do it.