Monday 9 June 2008


That was a very tiring weekend at the craft fair, early starts, standing all day, then late to bed. I met some fantastic people. Great to see Hannah and the Pauls.

I had some fab chats with John Maltby, my old friend Marianne deTrey and a fascinating talk with a lovely old lady who is Bernard Leach's daughter.

Quite a few of my old work colleagues turned up - seems I made the right decision to escape that place - no surprises there then.

It's difficult to sell 'brown pots' at the best of times as such work only appeals to a small section, of the small section of people who buy pots, particularly at a mixed craft fair where many folk were buying jewellery and textiles, so I was fairly pleased to have sold what I did.

What I really enjoyed more than anything was meeting the people who understand what I'm trying to do with my work and I had some great conversations with them. Thank you for buying my pots and thank you to those who talked with enthusiasm about my work.

One such person was a lady who owns the amazing 900 year old Priory in the picture. She usually buys a lot of my pots from a local gallery and this was the first time I'd met her in person. It sounds like she has great plans for the Priory. I'm hoping to go and pay her a visit in the near future, I like the sound of the period gardens. It looks like an amazing place to stay, check out the web site here.

Back in the workshop this morning and it was hard work. I struggled to get into the groove, but got three teapots made. I'll get some pictures tomorrow. It'll be the last making day before this weekend's bisc firing. There's going to have to be a bit of force drying, so hopefully more sunshine tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday to you


Ron said...

Hey Doug,
Good to have you back. Sounds like a long weekend. Nice to hear you connected with some good folks. Shows are hard work, that's for sure.
Anyhow, I love John Maltby's work. I have never seen any in person though. I mostly recall the work with colorful slip areas (maybe inlay). That's a nice link to see more.

Good luck with the drying and up coming bisque.

ang design said...

hiya doug, ahh the jewelery crowd if only they would adorn themselves with pots!! Sound like you did some good shmoozing, and dear Marianne deTrey potting in her 90's reminds me of the dada lady Beatrice Wood who worked into her 103rd year!! happy slipping this week...