Thursday 26 June 2008

Rufford here we come

Been making replacements for last week's lost pots, including this puzzle jug.

Off to Rufford tomorrow, that's going to take hours, everywhere seems a long way from Devon, sometimes a good thing, sometimes a bad thing. I'm really looking forward to it, in spite of the losses, I got some of my best ever work from that last firing. I'm also looking forward to catching up with Paul Young and Hannah amongst other potting buddies.

We can't leave until after Hil's finished school at three thirty so it'll be late when we get there. We're going to be staying with a friend from college days who lives just down the road. Camping's fun at these events, but a warm, comfortable bed and shower has got to be good for a man of my years.

Jessica, finished her work experience today. I've really enjoyed having her around and I'm proud of what she's managed to achieve this week. She's experimented with all the slips, made tiles, tried loads of different techniques of making marks and today made her first pots on the wheel. She'll come back during the firirngs next month to see her work through the whole process. I hope she's found my chaotic approach to ceramics a useful experience.

My parents are here to look after the boys for the weekend so got to fly. Hope to meet some of you at Rufford, bye for now, have groovy weekends all. If you wanna see some outta sight slipware, click here


Ron said...

Hope you sell 'em all at the show!
Thanks for the link!

gary rith said...

hey, gorgeous puzzle jug there and good luck

ang design said...

hey doug I just caught up with my friend but she's moved to other family now so can't drop by yours, bummer it would have been nice....