Tuesday 10 June 2008


Hot hot hot in Devon today.

It was perfect weather for drying pots in the sunshine. These two mugs are made from clay dug from the stream in the field by the workshop. It's so much easier to throw with than the brick clay blend I've been using, it makes me realise that I make things difficult for myself with my ususal clay body. Nothing else I've tried has given me the same granular, earthy quality, though I'm tempted to try other options if it makes throwing so much easier.

Here's a teapot I assembled and decorated today, the camera's made it look a bit odd, honest.

The poor sheep in the field were panting away in spite of their new haircuts. It's a strange noise that a whole flock of panting sheep makes.

I spoke to John Edgeler yesterday about Friday's opening and book launch. Apparently it was a great evening. Alan Caiger-Smith gave a fascinating opening speech, I wish I'd been there to hear it. Henry Sandon and Tanya Harrod were there too. It's a thrill to know that such folk are looking at my work. Somebody bought one of my large platters too, so a good night all round.

Today I had a call from John Foley, owner of The Imagine Gallery in Long Melford, Suffolk, asking me if I'd like to take part in an exhibition in August with Clive Davis, Mark Griffiths and Lisa Hammond. Of course I said YES!

Late night working tomorrow with Marky Mark, packing the back of the kiln ready for bisc firing on Saturday. Still haven't made all the pots yet so a big day for the gas burner tomorrow.


Brad Lail said...

I am so glad to hear that the clay body works so well. Your mugs look great with the texture the clay leaves. I really like the teapot shape as well. I miss being there and goofing around at the pottery looking at the pictures. I will pay Ron a visit soon I suppose.

doug Fitch said...

Hi Brad, we were just talking about you this evening, did you get home ok?

ang design said...

Good news about the exhibition and the clay..yey.. much easier than trade shows eh.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the exhibition invite. Just home from teaching. Time to hit the hay.

Ron said...

Drat! That last comment was from me...Sarah has been on this machine again

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Sarah, do you know Ron keeps using your computer ?

Good news all round Doug.

Matt Grimmitt said...

Good news about the Gallery in Suffolk. Will bring those Becketts pots along the bottle is really nice and it has a dent either side where its come off the wheel head. The tea pot's going to look stunning I reckon, I wondered if you would do a green one. Will give you a buzz Friday.

doug Fitch said...

I did a few green ones today, I can never get enough of it, but for some reason never have enough of it. Does that make sense? Maybe I had too much of it today.

Matt Grimmitt said...

It's all clear to me Mr F! Did a couple of green ones myself today. Just mixed a new batch of it up, will bring you some to try out, it seems brighter than normal.