Monday 16 June 2008

Monday 16th

Firing seemed fine, although long. We finished at just after 1am. Thanks for your help Marky Mark, Blogger Matt and Tig. Here's Matt giving it some kickwheel action.

This is a fine jug Matt gave me from his most recent firing, filled with foxgloves and bracken that Tig picked from the field.

The last shot shows the chimney smoking away, I love to see it that way. The kiln shed is usually filled with piles of wood and all that stuff that won't fit anywhere else and it becomes unworkable. At firing time, that part of the workshop gets sorted out, and when the chimney's smoking, it's alive.

Luke's gone off to Cornwall for a few days to do his work experience and Hil's taken him to the station. I'll be walking to the workshop this morning, I bet there will be some lovely things to look at on my way there.

Lots of glaze to mix today before I get the pots out of the kiln. I'll then spend the next couple of days glazing - boo hoo(hated job), then repacking ready for glaze firing on Friday, then new pots a week today -woohoo(best job).

Off to Clive Bowen's tonight to do some of the nightshift on his huge bottle kiln. It's ages since I saw Clive last so it'll be cool to catch up.

Well, I'd better go to work or it'll be time to come home before I get there, more later...............


Sarah said...

Glad the bisque is finished and went well. Have fun at Clive's. You'll have to take me to see him when I visit. (whenever that happens). I too need to mix glaze, boo hoo. Brad is coming by today for a visit. It will be fun to hear about his trip. Catch ya later.

Ron said...

Damn, that was me, Ron, not Sarah.

Sister Creek Potter said...

A potter's life--WOW! I am in awe of your discipline. I need to get out to my studio! Have a great day.

doug Fitch said...

We'll definately go there Ron - and Gay too if you make it over sometime. Clive's place is amazingly beautiful