Saturday 21 June 2008

Fired - tired

All seemed to go well, finished about midnight. Cross your fingers for me, unpack on Sunday.

Firebox 1, 8:20 am

Firebox 1, 8:20 pm

Spent a bit of time sorting out the garden too, my rose is looking and smelling wonderful, more than can be said for me, off to scrub my sooty body then a good long sleep, can't wait to hit the hay, nighty night.


Becky said...

Sweet dreams, Doug. All digits crossed for the firing but I doubt you'll need them Please give those dear kittens a chin chuck for me.

brandon phillips said...

i know that feeling all too well. i'm sure the firing will be smashing. see that, i'm pickin up the lingo.

Ron said...

Yeah, it will be ace.

doug Fitch said...

Smashing indeed! :)

Kittens are chin chucked on your behalf Becky.

Ron, click on the workshop picture and look at the arm of the bench. Tucked in behind is your mug which spends a lot of time with me on that bench when I'm doodling in my sketchbook.