Sunday 22 June 2008

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Hannah said...

Ello ello, long time no see. I made myself run all the way down to the last post I read before I looked at the new pics, just had a quick roller coaster ride through the kiln firing, but the end wasn't as bad as it sounded. I hope you're pleased with the good uns, terrible shame about the damn new glaze but the others are really very lovely.
Well the washing machine is on, the place is a shambles with stuff but we're home and it's good to be back though had really great time. Tell you all about it some other time.

Margaret Brampton said...

Sorry to hear that all those pots got the duff glaze.But the good ones are just wonderful, so rich and glorious.
What has happened to Fremington clay?
All the best for Rufford.

Ron said...

Yeah Hannah's back!

doug Fitch said...

Hey hey, welcome back to the fold Hannah, we've missed you.

Yes, I'm really pleased with the good uns, they're the best yet, the bad uns are the worst! Not too bothered now to be honest, I'm used to it!

Fremington clay pit closed a while ago Margaret - end of an era. I had the last tonne. It was full of lime and bits of plastic and all sorts, they'd clearly swept all the rubbish up and sold it to me.

Have you made your jug for the Bideford kiln yet? I must get on and make mine. Mike Dodd's going to pass his on to me next week at Rufford.