Friday 20 June 2008

Ahead of the game

There we go, kiln all packed and ready to fire a day early. What a long day it's been, seventeen hours in fact, no wonder I'm tired.

Earlier in the week I had a call from World of Interiors Magazine asking me for some images of my work. They called me again today and asked me to send some pots to London to be photographed on Tuesday. Unfortunately I've sold all the bowls that were requested, so in order to get some more through in time, I've packed the kiln in readiness to fire tomorrow. That means new pots a day early, hope it's a good one. Chuffed about the mag, it's really posh.


ang design said...

Hey doug, It's just getting betterer and betterer, man you get around, next you'll be all famous and stuff and on the telly!! can you see it doug on the bbc in 'Trails of A Slip Blogger with Douglas Fitch'

brandon phillips said...

i'm not exactly sure what "Chuffed about the mag" means but i'll guess its positive and say congrats, thats pretty sweet. you made a comment awhile back and i had to google the word skint. jeez, i thought this internet thing was supposed to make communication easier.

Paul Jessop said...

Hey great news, do you want a lift to London with the pots, I'm going anyway so if you want a lift let me know.

Ron said...

Congrats on the mag. Can't wait to see those puzzle jugs fired...and everything else.

Margaret Brampton said...

Do tell us when the magazine is going to feature your work and we can all go out and buy a copy. Sounds like a brilliant way of getting exposure to your work.

doug Fitch said...

Cheers all
They wouldn't want my face on the telly, although I think it's marginally less frightening than that creepy guy Mr Rogers on here

It's in the Sept issue, nothing fancy, just a couple of bowls and some of Paul Young's pots too. I think it's about reproduction tableware(not sure mine's really repro, traditional yes, but 'chuffed' nevertheless).

Thanks Paul, that would have been great, but I've a work experience girl starting on Monday for a week, plus I've got to make big pots for July's firing for Hatfield so I'll have to send the Fed Ex or something. Could have fancied a trip to London though. Your jugs will be out tomorrow pm, fingers crossed!