Monday 26 April 2010


A few pictures from recent days. An 8lb jug with wet slip
Bluebells in the lane
Different Dave and the remains of the old woodshed, shortly before he stood on a nail and had to go home poor chap.
Ash before oak, we're in for a soak
The wallflowers have all come into bloom in the sunny weather and are providing a beautiful, sweet fragrance right beneath the workshop window.
Some of the dozen little jugs I made today
Tankards, upturned and drying
More 8lb jugs.


cookingwithgas said...

I have been that person who stepped on a nail1 hurts like hell!

ang design said...

yeh ouch! hope dd's foot is ok.. and gorgeous tankards love the sprigging..I'm just about to add to my studio shelving in the good old studio style, well i have the uprights at least...have to hunt out some dowel..

Craig Edwards said...

Poor bloke, stepping on a nail, done that, no fun. Oh spring and pots!!

doug Fitch said...

Dif Dave called today - he's back on his feet/foot - was most unpleasant though poor chap