Monday 12 April 2010

Chums from Plymouth

I had a visit today from my friends from Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery. I currently have an exhibition at the Museum, please pop in if you're in the area. Here's Ali Cooper wizzing it up on the wheel. I only discovered today that Ali is also a blogger, you can see what she gets up to at the Museum in her blog Coops' Musings from the Stores

And here's Adam Milford spinning up a mug. They also made press moulded dishes which we were able to toughen up outside in the glorious sunshine so that they could be slipped and decorated.
Here they are with their little mugs handled and slipped. They're both coming to help out with the next firing, so I was keen that they should have some pots in the kiln. I'm glad they were able to make it over today, thanks for coming A&A, it was good fun - oh and thanks for the cider too :)
I decorated a whole load of breaksfast bowls that I made last week.

The driveway at Hollyford has been full of massive potholes since the winter, so tomorrow I'm going to lend a hand with the repairwork.
I'll try and get some more pics from Bideford posted on here soon
Tired! Off to bed, cheers all


Kitty Shepherd said...

Great post, sending it to Inkyleaves as she used to wotk with these guys and she will enjoy it too.

Margaret Brampton said...

Your last post with all that slipware was wonderful. I think we must really try to get down there this year. In the meantime just keep those pictures coming as it's very motivational.

doug Fitch said...

Cheers Kitty and Margaret