Thursday 1 April 2010

For dear Mr Darling and his cider tax - boooooooooo


Richard Law said...

I heard an explanation of the maths on Radio 4. Something like this: if the UK's current £400 bn debt (thank you bwankers) is as wide as a bedroom, then the £20m cash to be raised from the cider tax is about the thickness of two coats of paint. So really a pretty insignificant dent in the debt really?

Anonymous said...

oh ar oh ar ay, oh ar oh ar ay. hilarious video, the haircuts are enough to make you laugh alone. sorry about the tax tho.

doug Fitch said...

They don't write 'em like they used to - thankully!

Great quote from a comment by Steve V on my Facebook

'Just another example of the "Nanny State"... Designed to stop kids getting ratted on Diamond White and similar chemically loaded crap that shouldn't be allowed to be called cider in the first place... France would be subjected to a general strike... Here, we'll complain but pay up anyway and the kids will be straining Brasso to get their highs!

Well said Steve

Anonymous said...

Hey, What will George be doing if the Tories get in????????