Thursday 8 April 2010

A trip to Bideford

It's been busy times during the past few days, I'll write about it in more detail later. Just got in from Bideford after the launch of the Reg Lloyd Collection of slipware - 500 pieces of slipware, some ancient, some relatively contemporary, mostly from Devon and all recently acquired by the Burton Art Gallery, Bideford. Here's a report about it, thank you to Hannah Wingrave for your lovely words.

I'll be back there tomorrow as there is a conference to celebrate the launch of the collection and I'm on the discussion panel, which is to be chaired by Sandy Brown. Also on the panel, my good friend Mr Alex McErlain. I'll report back and try and get some photos of the pots if I'm allowed. As it turned out tonight, I chatted to so many people that I didn't even get into the room where the pots are, before it was time to come home - doh! I'll have a proper look tomorrow when it's less hectic.

Spring's here at last and the walks home from work have been amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

I've been making tiles. There was a Mistle thrush in the hedgerow earlier in the week in fine voice, so here he is in squirty slip - I'm not entirely sure he'd recognise himself.

Tiles - some of these will work, some possibly won't, I tried a few experiments, but I'm making lots of them so there will be plenty to choose from.

Mugs and bowls. I've got 36 mugs and 24 bowls. Made jugs today too and a puzzle jug.

Luke with his completed sculpture - I think it's brilliant, I'm very proud of him. I'm very proud of both of my boys.
Well that's all for now, much to write but it'll have to wait as I've got to go to bed and have an early start in the morning.
Goodnight all


Dan Finnegan said...

Give Alex my regards!

Ron said...

Hey Doug. We must catch up soon. The Bideford thing sounds great. Have fun being on the panel. I have to make some tiles too. They are for a show at the Arts Council. Luke's project looks ace. Tell him and Joe that Sarah and I say hello.

ang design said...

thems some groovy looking tiles.. lil birdy is wild..a nice sculpture and luke shot a lil less muddy this time! noice..

Anonymous said...

great ammonite doesn't andy goldsworthy work in raw clay. Whatever you do don't go into Linda Bayliss antiques in great torrington, she has a collection of rj lloyd plates and masses of local ware, If you do go in keep it secret and store the spoils in the pottery.

Hannah said...

Luke that is fantastic! I hope you get some great pictures of it.

Peter said...

So nice to think of the Missle Thrush singing away and inspiring a tile! What a good way to work. Love the ammonite!

Michael Mahan said...

Great photos in the next post, but I wanted to know more about your son's sculpture. That looks fantastic.

Paul Jessop said...

Looks great Luke, really great.