Saturday 10 April 2010


Here are some photographs of the wonderful RJ Lloyd collection in the Burton Art Gallery, quite amazing.

There were locally made bricks and tiles....

Ah, here's the info stuff....

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and stunning harvest jugs.

Rustic domesticwares - these jugs were made in Bideford, Barnstaple, East the Water and Truro.
Bowls and dishes made by Michael Cardew and EB Fishley
Little birdies
big ships
Wassail cup

Puzzle jugs
Incredible. There were more cabinets than this and apparently many more pieces that are in the reserve collection.
The conference was really interesting, with some excellent speakers, well done to Jo Simpson for organizing a fantastic event.
Happy weekend all


ang design said...

oh yeah, love the keep scrolling tip!

cookingwithgas said...

truly amazing pots- thanks for the share on FB- I am still looking through them- 100 down and 99 to go!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug,

Looks like a great collection, we'll have to call in when we are next down. Tiles are looking brilliant! We are VERY excited!

Dave & Sue x

Peter said...

Lovely collection. Thanks for the photos having high resolution when clicked, it was great being able to look at the pots more closely and to read the information.
Of course it would be possible to have many favourites in a collection like that, but one that jumped out at me this morning was number 27, a wonderful looking puzzle jug. The brick in the first photo is great too, imagine having a home that was built with some of those!

John Bauman said...

Thanks for the pictures. I spent a very enjoyable time viewing.

Tom said...

Hey, thanks so very much for posting these images. If you return to the museum or took more photos, please post some more. What a great collection!

Paul Jessop said...

These pots look fab I'm gonna try and take some time out to go and see it. Inspiration indeed Mr Fitch.