Monday 19 April 2010

Alex making pots

This is a short video of Alex making pots last week, for his collaborative project with Alice Kettle.


Hannah said...

Well well well. That was great I enjoyed that. Shame my computer seems to have given up on the idea of sound. Great to see Alex throwing, it's been a good few years since I watched him throw, I remember watching him the first time ever in the throwing room at uni, and thinking how the hell did he think we were ever going to be able to do that! I wanted to have a go, I remember that but practical aspect of the whole thing felt utterly out of reach. It still would be if Alex hadn't been so patient and enthusiastic.

Anna said...

great,enjoyed every minute,love the work.
wish the video had gone on longer,it was lovely watching you work,
thank you

ang design said...

totally cool, thanks the sponging back and mark making..