Wednesday 31 March 2010

Thank you

I'm a much happier bunny today, thank you for all your supportive comments. The mind of the middle-aged man is not always a good place.

Guess what Dave and Sue, got started making your tiles today with Michael Cardew's tile mould that I rescued from Wenford Bridge. I post this picture for Ang who asked to see it a while back.

And here are some of the tiles. More of these to make tomorrow, then lots of decorating to do.

I had the most wonderful walk home this evening, albeit a baptism of hail. It was really wild and windy, but just what I needed, a good bit of thinking time. I'm looking forward to seeing the spring arrive in close detail. That said, snow forecast tomorrow.

My favourite flower, the primrose. The Devon lanes are full of these beautiful, delicate blooms in the spring and it lifts my heart and spirit. That's all for now, it's bed time.
Thank you everybody, goodnight xxx


Ron said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Not sure I understand how that tile press works. How about a video? Hey, has Lisa H. moved to Devon yet??

cookingwithgas said...

me too! I want to see how it works!

FetishGhost said...

I was going to chime in to ask about how your tile mold works.
I can guess...
but I'm with Ron... a video of how that sucker works would be really nice.

Anonymous said...

How does that tile press work?

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have read the above comments and just said Diddo.

I built a 6" tile cutter with plunger yesterday that cuts tiles out of a slab.

Anonymous said...


Glad you've cheered up, I love to see the first primroses too.
Even more pleased about the tiles!


Hollis Engley said...

Doug, I know about the mind of a middle-aged man. Glad to hear things are better. Love the primroses.

Peter said...

Sorry that you have been "glum", really pleased to here that you are rising again from the mire! Those primroses certainly must help. It always amazes me how those fragile looking plants are amongst the first to lift their cheery yellow faces to the sun and sky after the snow and cold of winter. I guess that blue bells won't be that far away either. I really must come over one spring and sit in a wood full of bluebells. Nothing nicer!
Luke is doing wonderful work. I do like the amonite. (Laura and I are both really fond of Andy Goldsworthy's work, bye-the-way).
Best Wishes to you, P

gz said...

Just been sent (via South Wales Potters) info on the Exhibition(4 July) and Masterclass week (5-9 July) at Kigbeare so I assume LH is there or will be very soon.
Saw her and her apprentice at the Wobage Xmas Exhibition, sounded as if the move was imminent then, but the last details of any move takes longer than you think!.

ang design said...

and thankyou mr fitch... i had a skip bin delivered today that has your name on it must snap a pic!!! ah just my question, are they press molded? i checked out the 'man's' book to see if it was in there but he only had the brick molds, i suppose it's the same idea...lovely flowers!

doug Fitch said...

Evening all
The instructions are in Pioneer Pottery, although as Ang points out, the description in the book is for brick making, but it's the same process. I'll shoot a video in the next couple of days.
GZ, Lisa's down here now, although I haven't seen her since she moved. I think that Michaela is running the Maize Hill workshop. Have a great Easter weekend all xxx