Sunday 26 October 2008

Off for a few days

Well I've got an early start in the morning. There's a new car awaiting collection in Plymouth, so I've to grab a lift with a friend who works for the university, at 7am. Had I not have taken the redundancy package from the uni, I'd have been making that journey daily too - that must be nearly fifty miles of mad dual carriageway road each way - I'm glad to be a skint potter - I'd rather be wealthy potter, but hey, you can't have everything.

When I get home from Plymouth, John Edgeler should be here to collect the pots for the Winchcombe show. I have a great book about the Fishleys of Fremington that John wrote recently. I'll do a post specifically about it later - a really interesting book.

After John's left, we're heading off to the frozen North for the week to visit Hilary's family, including our great nephew who we'll be meeting for the first time. Great nephew - that makes me feel old. Lots of driving, not something I enjoy much. It'll be good to have a change of scenery - not least because it's always lovely to come home to Devon.

On Tuesday I'm going to Manchester where I'll be meeting up with Alex McErlain at the Manchester Museum and Art Gallery.

Alex has regularly worked with the Museum and has arranged for us to have access to the reserve collection - now that's exciting. Looking at their website, it's clear they have some fantastic slipware and I'm going to be able to get my hands on it, how cool is that?

Have a good week all, we'll back on Thursday. Bye for now


Gary's third pottery blog said...

the decorated jug? stunning!

ang design said...

have a good trip and take care, i can see where you're heading with that lemony finish after seeing the museum pieces..and lovely slip on the new soon xxang

Hannah said...

jammy jam jammy!!!!! I'm jealous. Alex took us down there into the depths of the museum when I was still at uni though sadly I wasn't slipware obsessed at that point. I do remember being a bit scared by all those pots though. Fab museum now, all been extended and is rite good.

Paul Jessop said...

Hey Doug ! Bring me back a flat cap and a whippet!!!

that L be reet grand lad...