Wednesday 15 October 2008


The glazes worked fine on both my usual clay body and the stuff from the woods.


Here's some more tableware, glazed and ready to go. I'm putting all this through the electric kiln because I need it all to match - that's a pretty unlikely outcome in my wood kiln.

Here are a couple of pots influenced by the stuff in that book. This tall jug will have slip pours and combing when finished.

This tankard's maybe a little over the top - it'll hold about three pints, so it's designed with the hardened drinker in mind.


ang design said...

oooh lovely mugs, mines the green one in front! you're working hard, love the deco on the beer mug too, over the top is yummo..

Becky said...

I need to return to Great Britain. I need to see those apples. I need to raise a toast from a beer mug like that...I'd probably need an oxygen mask afterwards but I'm game.

Hannah said...

bloody hell, that tankard is fab!

Paul Jessop said...

3 pints, that's great!! that way you only need two drinks all night.

saves queuing at the bar.

The glaze on that wood clay looks great. I've mixed 50/50 your wood clay with my smooth red clay from the lump you gave me last week, it still feels very lumpy but I'll get a pot in the kiln this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Love the tankard Doug, It will save all those annoying trips to the bar.

James H

Gary's third pottery blog said...

GO OVER the top, why not?