Thursday 16 October 2008


It's been ages since I had tableware stacked up in my workshop.

It's all come out fine. I decided to keep the decoration fairly simple as it's for eating off. There are three styles of rim decoration.

Ron asked for a picture of the backs. The green doesn't look quite so splodgy in real life I'm pleased to say.

There are more pots bisc firing tonight. They'll be glazed tomorrow and then whipped out, baking hot on Saturday and rushed to the gallery before the show opens at 3pm - that's cutting it fine - it'll certainly be new work.


Ron said...

I love that dinnerware!!! Man, it's really great. I'll take a whole set. It will go great with that set that Paul J. is making for me. :-)

Sorry to hear you are still feeling bad. Get well man! We can't have you down.

Okay I'm off. Take care of yourself.

Paul Jessop said...

I love it too, it's not often that you see potters making stuff thats actually usable. the decoration is spot on man flu or not you must be chuffed with that kiln load.

Hannah said...

Hi Doug, they're brill, look fab, hope you are pleaased with them all. They should go down well. Have fun at the weekend. Hope you sell loads. Think you sent your cold over the phone the other morning, am sneezing like some sort of demented idiot here today.Now I know friends ahre things but that's pushing it a bit.

Anonymous said...

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