Thursday 16 October 2008

Baluster jugs

I put this picture on because I'm really pleased with the latest batch of baluster jugs, so want share this one with you.

It's quite tricky making these so that they're narrow at the waist without being too heavy, particularly with this gritty clay that doesn't like to be thrown thinnly. These ones feel to be a good weight for their size, they're about 18" tall. I'm happy with the shape too, which has evolved from one of the more graceful forms of the Medieval period. I use the same technique as for the huge jugs, throw the body, then add the part thrown neck, before finishing it on the pot.

I found these videos that you may enjoy.

Sorting out the space in the gallery tomorrow - I hope I feel a bit more healthy. Goodnight all.


Dan Finnegan said...

You really catch the spirit of those medieval jugs.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

May I say it? That is a super sexy pot.

Margaret Brampton said...

Your tableware is looking really good. I am sorry I cann't make it to your show. I like your green glaze. I am working on developing a green glaze so that I can do some plainer work to march the sgraffito work. There are some tests in the kiln right now but there was a power cut last night so the firing switched off and I've had to refire today. Hope it's all right.
All the best for the show and hoping your feeling better.

Paul Jessop said...

I agreee with Gary, those pots have a very sexy look to them. the shape and form are just perfect.
good luck with the show. the table ware is just gorgeous.