Friday 10 October 2008

Monster jugs

I made the biggest jug I've ever made today and another slightly smaller one. Here's how I made it. It's hard work on the wrists because I have to use quite stiff clay.

I always throw the body of these big jugs seperately from the neck. First of all, it allows me to concentrate on the curve of the body. It's also difficult to reach inside to the bottom of the pot when it gets tall - dropped a sponge in one today and couldn't reach it to get it out.

When I'm happy with the shape, I give it a blast with the gas burner to toughen it up.

The neck is then thrown to the right size on the adjacent wheel.

The neck is place in position and joined on the inside

The outside is smoothed in

The join is consolidated with the aid of a rib and the neck thrown to its finished shape.

The lip is pulled

Job done

And here's the other one I made too.


Paul Jessop said...

Great forms, the body shape is just stunning. slightly less however can be said for the hair style. it reminded me of two things
1. Kevin Keegan when he won European player of the year in 1977

2. and more disturbingley.
Eddie Large. of the comic duo little and large. I use the word comic in it's looses sense.

ang design said...

I dunno how is one supposed to pour from that baby?? or is it strictly straws only at the pub?? other than that quandry it's lovely.....

doug Fitch said...

I've got some of those Kevin Keegan shorts to go with it, I look really good in them as you'd imagine. Got to get it cut - oh well, one day it'll happen. Mind you PJ, noticed the other day that yours is starting to get a bit of length to it. It's only a matter of time - too long in a shed on your own you'll become one of those Somerset hippies!

Ang, you're giving away all your secrets!

Gary's third pottery blog said...


jbf said...

Coming in late on this, but great pots! You're livin' large.